Food Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Serving food at an event can have a massive effect on the mood of your guests, particularly if it’s a corporate event where people aren’t necessarily keen on coming along for the social or entertainment aspects. If you’re planning an event where people will be for more than a couple of hours you’ll probably be expected to feed them, so here we’ll take a look at some important things to consider.

The time and venue of your event will both help you to decide what kind of food to offer your guests. You could serve a casual buffet during the day, whereas at an evening event you might be expected to provide something more substantial. Think about your venue layout too – if there’s not enough space for everyone to sit down and eat you’ll need to adjust your catering, it’s not possible to stand up and eat with a knife and fork! If you do plan an
extravagant evening meal you’re best off telling your guests this on their invitations so they know what to expect.

Another important reason for clarifying the menu on the invitations is to give your guests the chance to inform you of any allergies, intolerances, or dietary requirements. It’s common now to provide a vegetarian alternative automatically, but other less common requirements should be requested in advance. Also, make sure you have options available for toddlers and younger guests who might not like the main menu.

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