Make Your Event Unique!

By now most of us will have had the opportunity to stay in an AirBnb hosted accommodation, the company came out of nowhere to take over the holiday rental market and have made a huge success of it. We love staying in AirBnb accommodation when we’re away because it offers unique, quirky, and locally influenced options, as well as being competitively priced against the traditional choices of hotels or BnBs. What may surprise
you is that the site also offers multiple options for event venues, even offering locations that you can hire purely for an event with no accommodation at all. Using these venues can
make your event truly unique.

There’s a huge range of AirBnb accommodations that you can hire for the combined purpose of holding an event and also including spaces for your guests to stay afterwards. From a palace in Morocco to a jungle view villa in Indonesia there are some world famous locations available, and you’d be surprised at the level of luxury that is made affordable, for one or two nights at least! If you’re planning a wedding there are even some locations that have a wedding licence included in the booking fee, so you can make sure you truly have the venue to yourself and arrange everything else surrounding it. When you begin your search for a venue just make sure you tick the ‘suitable for events’ box in the AirBnb search function, as some hosts don’t allow events to take place in their properties.

The other option that fewer people know about are the range of properties hosted on AirBnb available for day or evening hire only. Some of these aren’t available for overnight stays at all, but offer stunning spaces to hold any kind of event or even work activities like team-building days or photoshoots. There are locations of every kind available, so all you need to do is enter the type of property you’re looking for in the search and you’re sure to find it.

Although AirBnb makes searching and booking a property completely painless, it’s still not being used by too many people so your event will maintain a unique feel and will be sure to impress your guests. Have a look next time you’re trying to find the perfect event venue.

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